Our team member Kevin  Crypto just UPGRADED their Level 4 position

Our team member Kevin Crypto just UPGRADED their Level 4 position

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“What are some key strategies to prevent discouragement and focus on the task at hand when trying to reach a goal?


Congratulations to our fellow team member Kevin Crypto on their recent upgrade to Level 4 in their position! This is an amazing success that shows just how much dedication, hard work and determination they have put into reaching this milestone. Transitioning from one level of accomplishment to another is never easy but with the right mindset and a clear goal in sight, anything can be achieved.

This shoutout serves as a reminder for the rest of us too: no matter what challenges we come up against, nothing is impossible if we focus on our goals and make sure believe in ourselves throughout it all. As such; here are some recommendations for achieving excellence:

• Set yourself realistic targets – Write down your short-term goals so you always know where you’re going next and ensure you break them down into manageable chunks which will keep motivating you towards great achievement over time

• Tune out distractions – The more efficient use of your time means better results overall, avoid any kind of procrastination or distraction that keeps coming your way

• Stay focused & go beyond self doubt– Believing we can create something extraordinary isn’t enough – take control by removing obstacles while focusing solely on the task at hand rather than giving up prematurely because things aren’t turning out perfect immediately        

Our crypto team build member Kevin Crypto just UPGRADED their Level 4 position and are now set to earn commissions from their downline on that level.

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